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Armenian Genocide: Through Her Eyes

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This exhibit highlights the stories of Armenian women who have experienced and withstood the Armenian Genocide, offering a unique perspective of the Armenian Genocide through an Armenian woman’s point of view. The stories that are told in this exhibit showcase the perseverance and spirit of survival among some of these women, who were able to endure the Armenian Genocide as well as additional adversity and make it out alive to live out their lives post-Genocide. The exhibit is structured around the collection of archival materials and stories of the Armenian Community Archive which is a part of the University of Connecticut's Armenian Memory Projectfocusing primarily on the stories, artifacts, and oral testimonies supplied by George Aghjayan, Harry Mazadoorian, and Lisa Natcharian. The stories of the strong Armenian women of focus in this exhibit are of Harry Mazadoorian’s mother, Elizabeth Mazadoorian, George Aghjayan’s maternal grandmother, Margaret Garabedian Der Manuelian, and Lisa Natcharian’s grandmother, Elmas Melikian.